Baby Must Have – Binxy Baby Cart Hammock

Binxy Baby Cart Hammock Review

As a new mom, and even more so as a first time mom, there are so many products thrown at you that are “must haves”. Some truly are lifesavers while others still sit in their original package waiting to be resold to someone in one of my Facebook Mom Groups; there are products I didn’t discover until I was already past that stage that I think I’ll give a try for baby #2 and then products that I wish existed but don’t.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks was one of those products that I didn’t discover soon enough, I spent several trips shopping where I had no room in my cart. My all time worst was at Home Goods around Christmas where I had all sorts of decor stacked on top of the carseat with Hudson inside, he started crying and I couldn’t get to him because wooden trees and reindeers were blocking him. I would wait to go grocery shopping until Devin got home so that we could each grab a cart and simultaneously walk down the aisle, which in a crowded grocery store is a lot harder than you think, or get everything perfectly positioned all around the carseat only to find that once it is bagged up it doesn’t fit so well anymore.

I know what a lot of you are thinking, baby wearing, and believe me I did my fair share of shopping while baby wearing, but when your baby is asleep inside of the carseat, you don’t want to take them out, strap them to you, and try to get them to fall back asleep while you shop, only to have to take them back out and get them strapped back into the carseat. It’s a hassle! And because you can’t set your car seat on top of the cart (so many people still do this despite the crazy number of injuries each year from carseats tipping over) I needed a way to create more room in my cart.

And then I found it, Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks. These hammocks are designed to hold either your infant carseat carrier (for my above scenario when you don’t want to take your baby out of the car seat), or let the baby lounge stretched out across the cart. Since the baby is lifted, you have room for your groceries underneath the baby (insert hallelujah hands emoji).

So is this product really a must have, or just another one of those products that you use once or twice and think why did I buy this thing? For me, it’s a must have!

I don’t know about you but I get really hot while shopping, and really hot while baby wearing, so when I combine the two… it’s unpleasant, but with the Binxy Baby Hammock both Hudson and I are comfortable. The space it creates in the cart is no joke, and the best thing about it, it is a baby safe product that when used helps prevent and reduce the number of injuries related to babies in shopping carts.

Even now as Hudson is older and can sit up in the front seat of the cart, I still use my Binxy Baby, because my little guy is a climber and continues to slip out of the seatbelt on the cart, which is way too loose for him, and stand up in his seat. When I secure him in the Binxy he can’t get out of it, so I don’t have to worry about him falling out while I shop. It also is a lifesaver when I go shopping during his nap time or when he is tired, I can transition him from his convertible carseat into the Binxy, give him a bottle or pacifier and he will fall back asleep in the hammock as I shop.

I wish I would have discovered this product right away so that shopping wasn’t such a struggle in the beginning. But now that I know about it and love it so much, I know what my go to baby shower gift will be! Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammocks are one of my “must have” baby items and I can’t wait to use it from day 1 with Baby #2 (whenever that will be).


(And because I really think you should buy one, here’s a discount for 10% off: )

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