Destination: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

–  A Day Spent Wandering the Cliffs of Moher – 

Cliffs of Moher

One of the most thrilling things I’ve ever done was stand on a ledge 700 feet in the air, at the Cliffs of Moher, with nothing but the Atlantic Ocean beneath me. Cliffs of Moher 2

Cliffs of Moher 3

My adrenaline was already rushing as we walked along the narrow dirt path twisting and turning along the cliffs. There was no longer a wall to protect us from falling over the ledge, we saw the sign urging visitors not to walk past that point, and kept on walking. We weren’t the only ones either, hundreds of others too were standing on the edge of the soft grass and dangling their feet over the drop. Looking back now, I can’t help but think, how many thousands of people stand on that same thin slab that Devin and I did, and how can we all be so arrogant to think it hasn’t weakened to the point that it finally gives way. What’s even scarier is, I started to look for statistics on the number of deaths at the Cliffs of Moher each year, and came across this image of the cliffs crumbling in May of 2015.

Cliffs of Moher 6

Luckily for us, nothing extreme like the cliffs crumbing beneath our feet happened, it was just a gorgeous September day with views to match.

Cliffs of Moher 5

Cliffs of Moher 7

Cliffs of Moher 8

Cliffs of Moher 11

Cliffs of Moher 13

Devin and I both remember paying for parking and then walking straight back to the cliffs where we headed towards the right. The website suggests that there is a €6 entrance fee per person which includes parking, so either it changed since when we went, or it changes seasonally based on how busy it is; either way it’s a nominal fee to pay.

Cliffs of Moher 4

Cliffs of Moher 15

I can say it was an experience like none other and I am so happy we were able to check it out while we were in Ireland.

That’s my story…

xoxo, andrea

Cliffs of Moher 12

Cliffs of Moher 10

Cliffs of Moher 9

…and because I had to dip my toes into the Atlantic from the other side of the world…

Cliffs of Moher 14

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