Baby Must Have – DockATot

DockATot Deluxe and Grand CoSleeper

When I was first introduced to DockATot I thought that it was just another one of those baby products that I really didn’t need, but I ended up getting one anyway, and boy was I wrong, I am completely in love.

I started with the DockATot Deluxe, which is sized for newborns to 8 month old babies, when Hudson was around 4 months old. I used it mainly when I traveled to my parents house, it’s a lot easier to pack and takes up a lot less space than a pack and play, and I liked always having a safe place for Hudson to sleep. I have a queen size bed and the deluxe fits nicely between my Husband and I, but a king size bed would be preferable.

Around 10 months Hudson grew out of the deluxe so we upgraded to the Grand. The grand isn’t just slightly larger, its so big that I can lay down in it! Check out this photo where I put the deluxe inside of the grand.

The grand however, does not fit nicely in a queen size bed, it takes up 1/2 of it, so if you are using it as a cosleeper in your bed, you have to have a king! At a year old, Hudson still has a ton of room in here, and can probably use it for another few years.

So what makes the DockATot different than all the other cosleepers? The fabric has a stain guard coating, where liquid can be easily wiped away before it can penetrate into the pillow. If the cover does get dirty, which I only washed my cover once, right before I put away, it can easily be removed and washed. You can buy additional covers separately for when the other is in the wash, but for me, I didn’t find extra covers necessary. The filling of the DockATot is a breathable material so it is safe for young babies to sleep in, and there are accessories like a toy arch that can be added on to make it a multipurpose pillow for tummy time.

I love my DockATot and use it daily, as a work from home Mom, it makes afternoon naps easier so that I can put Hudson down in his DockATot on the couch while I get work done. It’s a great cosleeping pillow and if you are considering getting one, I say yes buy it, don’t hesitate!

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